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About Counselling & Psychotherapy

Why do I want therapy?
  • You may have many feelings, which seem overwhelming and are intruding into your life
  • You may have suffered abuse in the past,which has left you with many difficult feelings
  • You may have difficulties with anxiety and depression, which is making everyday life very difficult
  • You may have suffered the loss of someone special, which has left you feeling empty and alone
  • Life may be changing and these changes could be difficult to cope with
  • You may be feeling confused as to which direction you want to take in your life or you may be having relationship difficulties
  • You may also be suffering from self-esteem issues which is making decisions difficult to make
  • Modern life is very stressful and this could have become overwhelming and difficult to cope with.

    Therapy provides
  • space in which to think about your feelings
  • a supportive and confidential relationship with another
  • someone who will listen, enable reflection
  • the opportunity for you to make the decisions and changes to your life, in a non-judgemental environment
  • Therapy is especially useful when you are trying to bring about changes to your life.

    My particular style of Integration
    I integrate the psychoanalytic and humanistic theories with an emphasis on the therapeutic relationship.


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