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Oxford Therapy & Self Development Centre (OTS)

I am a member of Oxford Therapy & Self Development Centre (OTS)

About OTS?

•A diverse community of counsellors and therapists from a wide range of therapeutic orientations, offering a wide range of psychological therapies, methods and therapy formats

•A one-stop access and referral point for the general public, helping you find the ‘right’ therapy and the ‘right’ therapist for you

•Committed to providing impartial advice, information, assessment and recommendations

•Providing psychological services appropriate to the individual, by tailoring the therapy to what you need and want (rather than prescribing a generic therapy on the basis of your diagnosed ‘symptoms’)

•Committed to finding affordable solutions for those unable to meet the costs associated with therapy

•A community created to support newly qualified therapists as they begin their careers, to provide ongoing education and support for senior therapists, and to provide placement opportunities and supervision for those still in training

What OTS provides for clients:

•Choice of therapies: access to a wide range of therapeutic approaches, methods and formats

•Impartial information about therapy generally as well as services and practitioners available in the region

•Introductory and educational events as well as workshops on specific topics

•Referral service helping you choose the ‘right' therapeutic option for you as an individual, couple or family concerned

•Low-cost therapy service (with advanced trainees and recently qualified therapists)

•Group therapy (a range of different types of groups and approaches)

What OTS can provide for practising therapists and trainees:

•The opportunity to become part of a vibrant multi-modality community, offering you support and continuing professional development (i.e. ongoing training and educational events)

•Receiving appropriately assessed referrals, matching your experience, expertise and competence

•An extensive referral network that you can be confident to refer on to

•Supervision (a range of different types, approaches and formats)

•Placement opportunities for students and trainees.

How to get in contact:

•Via the OTS website: http://www.otscentre.co.uk


tel: 07977 094451
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